Remember My Love

Sarah Jo Evans doesn’t care much for ancient history, but for the sake of friendship, she agrees to participate in a re-enactment of the battle at the Alamo. Once the smoke clears, however, she discovers her friend gone, danger everywhere, and the fight for the Alamo is all too real.

Matthew Bourland finds the feisty woman strange but attractive. Honor compels him to make sure she gets home safely, but she’s not forthcoming about where home is…and the Texans’ fight for independence is far from over.

Will Sarah get back to the future or stay for a chance of love in the past?

ISBN: 978-1-60088-803-8

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Lycan Instinct

When a murderer leaves a trail of nude, high-profile bodies across Chicago, Detective Mackenzie Lyons must decide whether to trust her instincts about a mysterious philanthropist with secrets he’ll do anything to protect.

Rafael Stone heads a team of vigilante shape-shifters tasked to stop rogue Lycans from harming people or revealing Lycan existence, even if that means breaking “human” laws.

In Lycan Instinct, Mackenzie takes a twisted journey to catch a killer that evidence indicates might be Rafael—a man who makes her pulse race and her mind question where the line is between duty and love, truth and myth.

ISBN: 1-60088-006-1

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Not My Brother’s Keeper

Several years ago, Alejo De la Cruz proposed to Crystal, the woman of his dreams, and was set to begin a promising new career as a federal agent when a favor sent him on a collision course with the unforgiving waters of the Gulf and the Mexican justice system.

Now, he s got one chance to clear his name, get revenge, and regain the freedom he once enjoyed in the States. Crystal is stunned to see Alejo at her door, especially when the man who told her of his death is Alejo’s own brother and…her husband.

ISBN: 978-1-60088-251-7

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